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DOA Outfitters  have increased their expertese of  hunting Greater & LesserSnow geese from Virginia and the Delmarva Peninsula northward to the Canadian Border and the St. Lawrence river becoming the only waterfowl outfitting operation on the East coast to offer hunts on the entire flyway in the continental U.S. And we sent ‘em across the border with steel in their butts. The ones that survived that is. This past season was the best ever hunting snow and blues from Delmarva North from December to end of March, harvesting geese in an assortment of ways the entire way. If you want to kill snows effectively, you have to be flexible. We were shooting a fifty-fifty mixture of snows and blues by the time they went north into Canada. Lots of bands, neck collars, and Eagle heads. A real thrill. Come join us next year. The fun will start in Mid December in MD & DE. Book now while there are still some good dates left.

Customize your 3 day waterfowl hunt for snow or canada geese, or sea, diver, and puddle ducks. Take your pick.

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