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Make a Donation Please. It Saves Lives.


Liberty Lodge and DOA Outfitters Inc. have both been in existence for 15 years providing hunts and other outdoor adventures for civilians and our returning war veterans.

Virginia Swan Hunts

We have now pulled our efforts together to provide more adventures for our returning war disabled veterans and disabled law enforcement.

This year ALL proceeds paid by our hunters for swan hunts in Virginia will be donated directly to Liberty Lodge as a fundraiser to get our men and women from service out to relax and unwind and enjoy the outdoors through hunting, fishing or water sports such as whitewater rafting, canoeing, kayaking, or fishing.

It’s the least we could do for our returning war vets to show our appreciation. Call Joe today of DOA Outfitters Inc. and Liberty Lodge to help with this effort and get a nice trophy for the wall. It’s a win-win for us all.

Call Joe at 410-603-1400 for details on how to make a donation and get a swan hunt booked. Thank you in advance for all you do to help.

Joe’s Cell 410-603-1400

In these tough times our men of service need every break they can get to deal with PTSD and try to relax. Our families have dealt with returning war vets and we know what the vets and the families are going through. In an effort to make life slightly better we are offering to our paying guests the opportunity to harvest a swan on our Virginia Swan Hunts as a fundraiser to help the cause. We will be able to harvest swan on Quantico Marine Corp Base which has been hunted rarely for swan as you can imagine.  All funds raised on our Virginia swan hunts will be done by Liberty Lodge and those proceeds will go directly to taking our men on hunting trips, fishing trips and whitewater rafting and water sport trips in West Virginia. But this is a very small portion of the proceeds we need to provide these outdoor adventures for our men.  To book a hunt with DOA Outfitters Inc. call Joe Austin at 410-603-1400 for more explanation of what you can do to help. It’s that important. Thank you in advance for your help.

Tundra Swan Hunts Virginia

Tundra Swan Permit application instructions below:

Permits are issued through a special drawing. The deadline to submit applications for this drawing is September 30. The Va Dept Game and Inland Fisheries will issue no more than 600 swan hunting permits. Before anyone can hunt tundra swans in Virginia, The hunter must first apply for and receive a tundra swan hunt permit.You need to purchase a Virginia hunting license to apply and do a Virginia swan hunt. Six-day nonresident license or full season resident license will suffice.  A hunter may only apply for a swan permit online through the Department’s website at www.gooutdoorsvirginia.com.

The DGIF is required to obtain hunter participation and harvest information to offer this tundra swan hunting season. Hunters must complete the accompanying tundra swan hunt questionnaire and return it to the address listed on the questionnaire after your hunt. Those who fail to return a completed questionnaire by February 15 are ineligible for future drawings. Swan hunting permits are valid for use only by the person to whom issued. Permits must be in the immediate possession of the permit holder while swan hunting. Immediately at the time and place of kill successful permittees must cancel their swan hunting permit by permanently recording the month and day of kill and by attaching the permit to the swan as instructed.

All proceeds go to get our vets in the field to relax so please consider a Virginia swan hunt today.

Make a Donation Please. It Saves Lives!