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“Our Chesapeake Bay diver duck hunts are world famous. Our diver duck hunts are the absolute best on Delmarva for certain species of ducks such as Canvasback, Bufflehead, Goldeneye & Bluebill. Canvasbacks and Bluebills bust through the decoys at what seems like 1oo mph. One maybe two good shots and they are out of there. The excitement and challenge of our diver duck hunts MD is second to none.

Diver DucksIf Chesapeake Bay Canvasback hunting doesn’t get the heart pumping, you have to be near death. Bring your “A” game for these bad boys.

Our brant hunts like our diver duck hunts MD on the Atlantic coast are incredible as well. With a typical Brant hunt you will experience hunting on Saltwater Marshes so close to the ocean you will hear the surf roar all morning while hunting for brant, puddlers, divers, and even Snow & Canada Geese. A real hodge podge of waterfowl. Lots of opportunity for unusual and rare trophys for the wall.

DOA Outfitters does it all when it comes to waterfowling.  Our field hunts for Canadas, Snows, or Puddlers are an incredible experience. Whether it is calling and manuvering a pair of Canadas into the decoy rig for a shot, or laying on the ground staring in awe at thousands of Snow doing their cyclonic cirle over the decoys tornadoing in, or a flock of Mallards coming in out of thin air to surprise us all, it just doesn’t get any better.

DOA Outfitters Inc. will take you to the most beautiful sites in Western and Upstate New York, Maryland, West Virginia,Virginia and Delaware where a diverse selection of waterfowl are just waiting for you to “whack ’em and stack ’em”.

On the Chesapeake we do Canvasback hunting, Greater & Lesser Scaup, Bufflehead, Goldeneye hunting and many more species of waterfowl for the wall and the belly. Our specimens in the winter can’t be beat when it comes to trophy quality birds for beautiful mounts.

On the seaside we offer exciting diver duck hunts for Atlantic Brant, Mergansers, Bufflehead, Widgeon, Pintail and much more from island and shore blinds. The scenary isn’t hard to take either. Most hunts are on saltwater marshes full of shorebirds of all types, Wild Ponies, Sika deer, and an awesome roaring surf in the distance.”


Call D.O.A. Outfitters if you’re interested in giving your usual diver duck hunting trip new energy with our hunting guide services! We have been the leaders in Diver Duck Hunting in the Chesapeake Bay since 2000 so if you haven’t been out for a shoot with us, you don’t know what you are missing!

We provide visitors and locals diver duck hunting in Maryland with a difference, you see we offer a very personal service that is not matched by any other duck outfitter. With us, you will receive the absolute best when it comes to reasonably-priced game hunting services. We will do whatever needs to be done to make you feel relaxed. You will find our hunting trips to be a relaxing escape from reality.Diver Ducks

There is no limit to the diver duck hunting services our experienced and trained staff can give you. In addition to diver duck hunts, we offer eider duck, black duck, and sea duck hunting services. Regardless of what you are looking for, at our hunting business, you can just sit back and relax, and let us take care of your hunting requests for you.

Diver Duck Hunting in Delaware.

Our services are geared to calm the mind and soothe the soul. Well-known around the New York, Maryland, South Carolina, and North Carolina areas, D.O.A. Outfitters is also rated high for diver duck hunting in Delaware.  

We offer several hunting packages, so we definitely have one for you regardless of what your budget is. The possibilities are endless at our hunting company for relaxation and excitement. No other hunting business will give you the personalized attention we do. Delaware diver duck hunting is becoming a popular alternative to our Maryland offerings for those who prefer to hunt there.

If you’re feeling tired and worn out, and need a hunt to make you feel revitalized and rejuvenated, come to D.O.A. Outfitters. If you want the top diver duck hunting business in the industry, choose us! 

Regardless if you want to hunt diver ducks, wild boar, or deer, nobody does the job of putting a hunt together than us. You will feel nothing but positive energy when you hunt with us. At D.O. A. Outfitters, every proficient and experienced staff member knows how to deliver a guided hunt geared towards what your body and mind needs.  If you want to a relaxing escape from reality with a remarkable diver duck hunt, come in and let our talented staff take care of you!

When you come to our duck hunting business, our staff will discuss with you what you are looking for as far as a hunt, and then will let you know all the details of what services will be used to give you the hunting trip that you want.

Each hunting trip is created with your requests in mind, adding to raise the level of your experience with us. Our hunting trips utilize the latest information to target the specific game you want to hunt. To make you feel even better, we give you housing in one of our hunting lodges, taking away the hassle of finding a hotel room. You can add an additional service to your diver duck hunt, including a sea duck hunt or a snow goose hunt. Many of our clients have been coming to us for years and continue to do so. If you want to enjoy the ultimate diver duck hunt, reach out to D.O.A. Outfitters!