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“DOA Outfitters does it all when it comes to waterfowling.  Our field hunts for Canada, Snow, or Puddlers are an incredible experience. Whether it is calling and manuvering a pair of Canadas into the decoy rig for a shot, or laying on the ground staring in awe at thousands of Snow doing thier cyclonic cirle over the decoys tornadoing in, or a flock of Mallards coming in out of thin air to surprise us all, it just doesn’t get any better.

DOA Outfitters Inc. will take you to the most beautiful sites in Upstate New York, Maryland, North Carolina,Virginia, and Delaware where a diverse selection of waterfowl are just waiting for you to “whack ’em and stack ’em”.

On the Chesapeake we hunt from shore, stake, and pole blinds in Talbot & Dorchester Co., MD for Canvasback, the most prized of all Diver Ducks, Greater & Lesser Scaup, Bufflehead, Goldeneye, and many more species of waterfowl for the wall and the belly. Our specimens in the winter can’t be beat when it comes to trophy quality birds for beautiful mounts.

On the seaside we offer exciting hunts for Atlantic Brant, Mergansers, Bufflehead, Widgeon, Pintail and much more from island and shore blinds. The scenary isn’t hard to take either. Most hunts are on saltwater marshes full of shorebirds of all types, Wild Ponies, Sika deer, and an awesome roaring surf in the distance.”


Lodging, full kitchen and grills, bird cleaning facilities, carcass disposal, and more are included with all waterfowl packages.


If you are interested in one of our eider duck hunts or our sika duck hunts, D.O.A. Outfitters can deliver a prosperous and pleasing duck hunt. Our hunting team promises you will enjoy every aspect of your hunting experience with us. If you don’t have time to plan your New York, South Carolina, Maryland, or North Carolina duck hunt, let our staff do it for you. Additionally, we offer hunting lodges so you don’t have to try to finding affordable hotel rooms. We will have every detail taken care of when you request a duck hunt with D.O.A. Outfitters. 

Duck hunts are notorious for exhilarating and adventurous. We go a step further by guiding you through duck fields we know are plentiful with numerous specimens of ducks, like:

  • Sea Ducks
  • Eider Ducks
  • Diver Ducks
  • Puddle Ducks
  • Black Ducks

Our staff can guide you expertly on any duck hunt you and your group desire, any and all special requests fulfilled. We want you to be pleased that you chose us for your NY, MD, SC, or NC duck hunt. Unlike other duck hunting businesses, D.O.A. Outfitters wants to see that its clients become regulars when they crave a duck hunt. When you request a duck hunt, you deserve to have a great experience, and you should anticipate the best when you choose D.O.A. Outfitters.

If you want to take pleasure in a professionally guided and managed duck hunt in NY, MD, SC, and NC, select us! We are the most professional duck hunting and game hunting company available.

We have been providing exceptional duck hunts for hunting lovers since 2000. Made available by our first-class hunting business, with our experienced staff, we are able to serve any number of guests, whether you are expecting 2 or 20 people. You can be confident that we will give professional and polite service to everyone attending your duck hunting adventure. 

Our professional duck hunting company offers the same hunting services to clients, regardless if it is a same-day duck hunt or a week-long duck hunting trip.

You can choose any hunting service that we offer, from duck hunting to bear hunting to wild boar hunting. You and your guests will be guided with our assurance in making your hunting trip as amazing as possible. When you contact us, tell us what type of duck you are interested in hunting, your budget, and we will do the rest. Our staff will work readily to be of service to you. Call D.O.A. Outfitters today if you’re interested in experiencing a magnificent duck hunt!