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Fox Red Pointing Lab Puppies for Sale in MD VA MA NY NJ NC PA & DE

1 litter on the way in JANUARY 2024

Deposits required for all litters. We only accepting 8 deposits per litter. DOA Outfitters are reputable breeders of extremely rare Fox Red Labrador pointing retrievers and not a puppy mill. We have litters due year round but it’s best to call as soon as you know you are looking for a puppy because they go fast. These are great family dogs and easily trained hunters. Check us out on our Facebook page for DOA Outfitters and Fox Red Labs Worldwide.







Red Fox Labs

Red Fox Lab Hunting

As the leading Labrador Retriever breeders in Mid Atlantic, we take pride in every one of our puppies’ development from the moment they are born until the time you take yours home with you.

Red Fox Labs

The parents of each litter will have excellent dispositions and long bloodlines of hunting and championship quality. The instinctual drive to hunt is incredible. Our dogs are much calmer than many strains of Fox Red Labs.Red Fox Lab Hunting

All parents are EIC, CMN, CERF, OFA  AND/OR VET APPROVED FOR GOOD HEALTH.pedigree certificate fox red labrador




Fox Red Lab Puppies For Sale

Even though this color is registered Yellow with the American Kennel Club, don’t be fooled. These puppies are a gorgeous Fox Red Lab color phase with excellent hunting bloodlines.  All puppies of great hunting stock. Health guarantees come with all puppies sold for the first 26 months of that puppy’s life. We are taking deposits now for our expected litters.

Fox Red Labrador Puppies Newborn fox red labrador puppies

The Kennels are located in Mardela Springs, MD, and are owned and operated by DOA Outfitters Inc.

At DOA Outfitters, we encourage our potential Fox Red Lab owners and those using our Fox Red Lab Stud Service to visit our facility in person. We are the premier stud service for Mardela Springs, MD. The American Kennel Club does not recognize Fox Red Labs as such in their registry. Instead, the Fox Red Lab puppy is registered under the “yellow” Labrador lines.

What makes a great Fox Red Lab Breeder?

We are not a puppy farm and we do not provide our beautiful Fox Red Labs for resale. We are committed to maintaining pure bloodlines. Our labs come from championship hunting lines, bred for temperament and trainability. Highly intelligent, DOA Outfitter’s Fox Red Labs are outstanding pointing retrievers. We believe that great hunting dogs come from great homes.

We define ourselves by:

  • Treating our animals well.
  • Health testing our breeding stock
  • Providing certifications for our puppy buyers

We believe that dogs that are well cared for make better hunting dogs. You should be asking anyone you are buying Fox Red Labs from for photos of their dogs and kennels. If you can visit the breeder yourself, as this is the best way to determine the living conditions of the dogs. DOA Outfitters takes great care when raising and breeding in our kennel.

What should I ask the breeder?

A great breeder and kennel owner should answer the following questions:

  • How many dogs do you currently have?
  • How many studs do you have?
  • How many breeds do you have?
  • How many litters does each bitch have?

No breeder of Fox Red Labs should have more dogs than they can properly care for. We give all our dogs personal attention, including them in our daily lives, and providing appropriate training. Each of our bitches and studs are loved as our own.

The number of healthy studs can vary from kennel to kennel. On the whole, the condition, age, and certification of the studs are more important than the number. Check with your breeder and attain all relevant stud documents and policies before proceeding.

If you find a kennel that breeds several different breeds under one roof, this usually indicates an increased likelihood that puppies are not properly cared for if 24/7 staff is minimal.

We do not believe it responsible for our bitches to have more than one litter each year, and we limit the number of litters for each of our bitches.

How do I know what kennel to trust?

Breeders that also operate as puppy farmers are not always easy to recognize from the outside. The easiest way to distinguish between those Fox Red Lab breeders who deal with pedigree, hunting bloodline, temperament-driven breeders, and the others requires only looking at the treatment of the animals.

When you are shown puppies, you should also meet their mother, ideally in their well-maintained environment. Feel free to ask DOA Outfitters any and all questions you have about our dogs. We are happy to answer and address all of them.

Should you encounter a breeder who is uncomfortable, unknowledgeable, or uninterested in answering your questions, you may want to consider finding another kennel.

Why is health testing so important when choosing a breeder?

Any great Fox Red Labrador Breeder will provide hip scoring tests and eye tests for each and every Labrador in their care. Ask to have certificates emailed to you, but also request to see the physical certificate when you visit.

It is important to know what inherited diseases are common to Labradors. Do your research and be prepared to ask the breeder questions.

What kind of support does the breeder provide puppy buyers?

DOA Outfitters is committed to being your Fox Red Lab’s lifetime support for client care. We are always happy to hear from our clients and treasure updates on each of our puppies. We offer sound advice for their care, and we will adopt back any puppy at any time in the future should you be unable to provide proper care.

Fox Red Pointing Labrador Retrievers