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“Sea Duck hunts in MD on the Chesapeake Bay or Atlantic Ocean for Surf, Common, White-Winged Scoters and Old Squaw ( Long-Tailed Ducks ). All of our sea duck hunts in MD involve not only the typical 6′ leads but allowances for the rough water and the up and down motion.

Try this and tell the captain how good of a shot you are after the hunt. With a typical winter sea duck hunt in MD, bring at least 3 boxes of shells and you will be bringing a beautiful trophy home for the wall. Our Sea duck hunts in Md are not only a lot of fun and a real rush but they are also a very humbling experience.  You a’int pond huntin’ any more. With our sea duck hunts in Md you will see clouds of birds. Now all you have to do is hit ’em.

DOA Outfitters has great hunts for all types of waterfowl. Please check out the rest of our websites.

DOA Outfitters Inc. will take you to the most beautiful sites in Western Upstate New York, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia and Delaware where a diverse selection of waterfowl are just waiting for you to “whack ’em and stack ’em”.”


Reach out to D.O.A. Outfitters to get the day started right with a great sea duck hunt! We are known to be the best sea duck hunting guides in Maryland. To accompany them, we offer a huge selection of other types of game hunts such as Diver Duck hunting and Canada Geese Hunting. Contacting D.O. A. Outfitters to be your wonderful sea duck hunting guides at 410-603-1400 to arrange the perfect way to spend a day.

There is just no better place in Maryland to shoot sea ducks than Chesapeake bay. This is the way a duck hunt should be organized! The best hunting fields with the best sea duck hunting guides and relaxing hunting lodge accommodation at the end of the hunt. Customers can also request for other types of game, such as wild boar, deer, or geese. There are just endless possibilities to enjoying sea duck hunts when you try D.O.A. Outfitters.

Building a rapport with our clients is what has kept us in business for so long. D.O.A. Outfitters holds true to the fact of delivering high-quality, superior service. When you are hungry for a sea duck hunting in Maryland, we want you to forget the rest, and try the best! We promise that you will not be disappointed that you did! There is nothing more convenient than having your hunting trip planned for you.

D.O.A. Outfitters realizes that not everyone has time to research hunting fields and hunting lodges, which is why we added these services to our company. We pride ourselves on coming up with a wide variety of hunting services that are sure to please our first-time customers and will have them coming back for more.

Our customers can choose any hunting service, such as snow geese, wild boar, or deer hunting. Or, they can create their own hunting adventure. Either way, they will not be let down. For those who don’t have time for a weekend hunt, try our one day hunting trip that is sure to please.

At D.O.A. Outfitters, we want to see to it that all of our customers have a great time when they reserve a sea duck hunt with us. By deciding to try one of our hunts, you are working with the best place in the NY, NC, SC, and MD areas famous for its hunting fields. Our customers deserve the best and they should expect it when they choose to hunt with D.O.A. Outfitters. Unlike other hunting businesses in the area, we aspire to be the first place to consider when game hunting, and not just for sea ducks.

We realize that many people enjoy hunting any time of the day, and we can accommodate them. Our hunts make a great thing to do on your day off or even if you are on vacation. Whatever our clients want, the staff at D.O.A. Outfitters will be happy to see that all of their requests are taken care of and that they are always happy and satisfied with their hunt.

For a fantastic sea duck hunt, why not enjoy one from the one place that will make your outdoor adventure just the way you want it? The only place for this is D.O.A. Outfitters!