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Joe Austin at DOA Outfitters is one of the few outfitters to offer top-quality lodging and hunts at baited stands for Archery, Muzzleloader and Rifle hunts in Maryland for the PLENTIFUL Sika Deer hunts and enormous Whitetail ranging 150-175 B&C. We have the only huntable Free roaming population of Sika Deer in the world. Expert guide Joe Austin has years of experience Sika deer hunting and Whitetail deer hunting in the cord grass marshes of the Eastern Shore of Maryland and South Carolina. Listen to these miniature elk bugling nearby and the rhythmic sloshing of their hooves in the marsh as they inch ever closer to your position in the tree stand. Your heartbeat becomes almost deafening in your ears as you await the opportunity to release your arrow into your game.

Archery hunts are a minimum of five days for two sika deer. We now have properties set aside for rifle or muzzleloader hunts for Sika Deer hunting and Whitetail hunting. Archery hunts are still the best opportunity to harvest a sika. Call Joe at 410-603-1400 for more details.

We also offer Whitetail, Wild Boar, Bobcat and Black Bear hunts in North and South Carolina with archery, shotgun, rifle, and muzzle loader. Come harvest that trophy buck you’ve been dreaming about for years! Bucks taken every year in the B.C. 150-175 class.


If you are searching for the best Maryland sika deer outfitters, reach out to D.O.A. Outfitters! Whether you want a sika deer hunting trip for one day, a weekend or even longer, look no further. We offer the best when it comes to game hunting in the state of Maryland and beyond. Click here for a list of all the states in which we offer our action packed and thrill per minute hunts. This is why it is important that your selection of hunting businesses to assist you with your hunting trip is knowledgeable and skilled.

We aren’t just the leading Sika stag Outfitters, D.O.A. Outfitters also offers top choices in other big game hunts. We can give you what you need. Whether you are looking for a sika deer hunt, bear hunts, whitetail deer hunts, turkey hunts in nine states or a duck hunt or canada or snow goose hunt, we have the guided or unguided hunting trip you are looking for.

Maryland Sika Deer Hunting is one of the best known hunts of it’s kind however many clients also enjoy whitetail deer hunting too. Our hunting services come in many variations, whether you plan to hunt alone or with a group. Whatever you want and need on a hunting trip, we got it. Moreover, if we don’t have it on our website, we can create an individualized deer hunting trip and have the itinerary ready when you show up for your outdoor adventure.

If you have just moved into the Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania New York, West Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, or South Carolina areas, and you are a hunter, we want to be the place you contact when you are ready to go deer hunting. Our talented staff will help you in creating a hunting trip that is uniquely yours. You cannot go wrong with booking any of our hunting trips, so it really is down to your own preference. Unlike other deer hunting businesses, we strive hard to make our customers happy with our service.

If you want a specialized hunting expedition, don’t hesitate to ask us for assistance. We try to accommodate every request as far as is possible. Your complete happiness with our service is what we strive to achieve. Whatever you need, whatever you are looking for, we will work overtime to see that you get the hunting service you want.

Whether you are looking for a hunt by yourself or a huge group, D.O.A. Outfitters is an excellent choice. We are the #1 big game hunting company. Our skilled staff creates outstanding outdoor hunting adventures that will have you coming back for more.

A favorite of customers, including those that are new to hunting, is deer hunting. Our staff works hard to make sure that you are not only happy with your deer hunt, but the environment as well. We treat all of our customers with the utmost courtesy and respect. Our goal is to make sure that the time you spend with us is absolutely perfect and pleasurable.

We understand that going on a deer hunt is a big decision, as you want your deer hunt to accomplish your hunting goals. Our deer hunts are first-class and can give you the type of hunt you are seeking from a professional hunting business. Our aim is to have you enjoy your deer hunt and come back and when it is time for another one. Depend on D.O.A. Outfitters as the place for sika deer hunting!

Sika Deer Hunting Requirements
1. 2 sika with a 6-day hunt. 1 hind and 1 stag. Shoot a stag first and done.
2. 3-day hunt 1 sika and done
3. Draw blood and that’s your animal. An additional $1000 to try again.
4. No guarantee of a kill.
5. Outfitters or guides provide no waders or clothing hunting.
6. No harvesting of animals allowed other than the game you paid for. $1500 – $3000 fine may be assessed. Payments for fines in cash only. No cash no trophy.
7. Send a picture of the driver’s licenses please of all hunters going. 

8, Equipment needed – waders, rubber boots, 2 therma cells and thermos