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Guided Turkey Hunts MD/DE/VA/NY/VT/SC

The season for Spring Gobbler hunts has started with a bang. Literally. MD turkey started on the 16th of April and DOA Outfitters scored both days with Gobblers down. One two year old and one three years old or more. Spurs 1″-1.25″ long. Beards 9″-10.5″ long. Joe at DOA Outfitters has some space left for turkey hunts this year. The hunting doesn’t even get easy until the hens get on their nest and the Gobblers start looking for other hens to breed.  Call Joe today on his cell at 410-603-1400 to book a hunt. See ya soon.

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DOA Outfitters Turkey Hunts SC MD

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DUCK SEASON STARTS IN OCTOBER In Maryland, the Snow Geese, Canada Geese and Diver Ducks start to show up the last week in September and stay all winter. If the waterfowl population is anything like last year, bring plenty of ammo.

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Guided Field Hunts For Geese Start Heating Up The Last of October:

We have 75,000 acres of private land available for Greater Snow Goose, the only place they winter in the world.

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