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“Our guided wild boar hunting South Carolina SC and North Carolina NC for Pure Bred Wild Russian & European Boar includes fantastic lodging for a two day minimum hunt. If you haven’t hog hunted before you are in for a treat. All of our hunts for hogs are out of baited tree stands or running with dogs. It is an amazing hunt to sit there quietly and all of a sudden hear a hog squeal in excitement after being bit by another or him just getting pissed about his buddy eating all the insects out of his favorite dead log. Or perhaps you will jump in horror in the evening quiet as a hog slams head first into another dead tree to dig into the tasty morsels of ant, spiders, worms, and etc. that just fell out of the dead tree or stump. Wild boar hunting SC or NC is like no other that’s for sure.

 You’ll see nice whitetail bucks easing through the woods, or Bobcats doing their stealthy slinking through the woods looking hard for their next meal. You will see some awesome sights while boar hunting, that is for sure. Bobcats, Coyotes, and Fox included as well in all hunts free of charge when state law allows of course.”

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Our authentic wild boar hunting can be tailored to fit your requirements resulting in a wonderful hunt for you and your guests. There are boar hunting trips run by amateurs and there is no-holds barred, professional guided wild pig hunting from professionals like DOA Outfitters. We have been running these adventures for clients from all over the U.S. and internationally too,especially from the United Kingdom. 

At DOA Outfitters, we love to see our customers having a good time. When are considering hunting wild boar, it makes sense to book with a company that has been in the business of serving clients with their wild boar hunt for years. If you are having trouble making decisions or have questions please contact us right away and allow our experts to give you all the information you need. We are happy to make recommendations to narrow down the choice of hunt so that you can be sure you pick the right hunt for you.


Wild Hog Hunting in North Carolina.

DOA Outfitters is a big game hunting specialist and a customer focused NC pig hunting company. Our skilled hunters and friendly staff deliver the best possible hunting adventures for our highly-valued clients. Call today and to book on of our quality comprehensive game hunting services!

We realize that people are busy and might not have time to schedule a hunt. This is why we offer several hunting services. For your next hunt, let us organize your hunting trip and assist you in any other plans you need to make. Having been in business for so long we have seen every type of request imaginable – birthdays, retirement parties, stag events and more. We run hunts for any duration and for any group size. Our flexibility and attention to detail is the reason many clients are referred to us from previously satisfied clients and that many of our clients return year after year.

Guided Hog Hunting.

DOA outfitters specialize in guided hog hunting in North or South Carolina because most people, whether hunting alone or in a group prefer to have an experienced boar hunter with them to maximize the thrill from the trip. Hunting wild hogs is fun so if asked we will always encourage you to take a hunter with you so you can focus on having fun and the business end of the hunt!

Our experts will take you to the best locations and they are also a lot of fun themselves! Why not take someone with you whose job it is to make sure everything about your hunting trip goes like clockwork? DOA Outfitters love North Carolina hog hunts with clients who love to have fun!


Wild Hog Hunting in South Carolina.

Whether hunting hogs in North Carolina or hog hunting in South Carolina with guided hunts, DOA Outfitters are the company to call. Our priority is ensuring that the hunt you book is exactly what you expect so that your enjoyment is complete at the end of the trip. We also like to over delivery each and every time. You see, we want your repeat business and referrals. We know that anyone experiencing the thrill of hunting hogs with us will want to return to do it again and next time you will likely bring a friend or two. Our experience tells us that if we look after you, our business will thrive. Our hog hunting business has continued to thrive as a result of our customer first approach and the massive successes of clients who come on our hunts. 

If you are ready to book your wild hog hunting in South Carolina please Contact Joe at DOA Outfitters 410-603-1400 for more details today! 

We are fully qualified and possess 16 years of experience when it comes to providing first-class services to avid hunters. You and your group will always be treated with the utmost level of professionalism and respect, as we at D.O.A. Outfitters works endlessly to see that you receive the best possible hunting services.

If you’re looking for the hunting service business that provides excellent care to its clients, choose D.O.A. Outfitters, and we will surely be your first call when you need help planning a hunting trip. We want to be your one-stop hunting source, regardless of what type of game you are hunt.

Regardless if you want a guide or not, we can help you hunt everything from wild boar to sika deer, to Canadian geese. We realize that hunting is an important sport to hunting enthusiasts, and when you want the best possible game hunting business available, we are ready to provide you with what you need. From deer hunts to wild boar hunts, you will receive high-quality service with our exceptional hunting services.

We take care of all of your hunting desires, keeping you and your hunting party as comfortable as possible. If you want the top full-service game hunting company in the areas of NY, MD, NC, and SC, contact D.O.A. Outfitters!