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DOA Outfitters offers top notch whitetail deer hunting trips with professional and friendly service. We love to see our customers happy and love it even more when we receive referrals from individuals that have gone on deer hunting trip with us. 

We are the number one place for big game hunting in the NY, MD, SC, and NC areas, and we work to keep it that way. If you are looking for Maryland whitetail deer hunting with the top hunting company in the industry, reserve some time out of your busy schedule to contact DOA Outfitters! Call us if you’re interested in big game hunting!

DOA Outfitters is a big game hunting company that specializes in deer hunts in South Carolina too, bear hunts, wild boar hunts, and duck hunts. We have been providing the hunters with unique hunting excursions since 2000. When you come to hunt with us, you will be greeted by our friendly staff that will work extensively to cater and pamper you.

Deer hunting with us opens you to unlimited possibilities. In addition to deer, our experienced staff will create customized hunting trips for you, filled with any type of hunting service you want. You decide what you want to hunt and how you want to hunt it. We believe in 100% customer appreciation. DOA Outfitters is the one name you need to recognize when you decide you want an outdoor adventure that involves any type of game hunting.

After enjoying your whitetail deer hunt, take the time to relax in one of our hunting lodges. When you don’t feel like looking for a hotel, call us and reserve housing with us. We will have your hunting lodge ready in a timely manner. If you want the top deer hunting company, you have found us right here! Call today for custom-made, one-of-a-kind deer hunting adventures!

The cost of whitetail deer hunting and lodging in our log cabin is only $500/day for archery with a minimum of three days. We only do archery hunts. Muzzleloader hunts also available in MD & DE now. Call for more details.

For avid hunters, you know that a great deer hunt is created with high-quality hunting services. That goes for duck hunts as well. When you go game hunting, you want to enjoy the perfect hunt, one that is prepared with skill and care.

To find a hunting business that caters to its customers, reserve a spot with D.O.A. Outfitters. We will tell you what our frequent customers already know. We are the best game hunting business, period. No other big game hunting company will give you the level of professional service that our staff will, regardless of what type of big game you prefer. 

We can prepare a hunting trip for you. If you are in the mood for a deer hunt, or a Canada snow goose hunt, you have come to the right place. For 16 years, we have been the number one deer hunting and big game hunting business that delivers the high level of guidance and service not found anywhere else.

There is just no other hunting business for a great hunt than our business. We provide many hunting options, making sure that everyone who comes to us is completely satisfied. Choose D.O.A. Outfitters for a deer hunt with an exceptional staff!